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Parent Handbook 2018-2019 Parent-Handbook-2018-2019 (click for downloadable .pdf file)

Admission Criteria:
Three Year Old Classes: Must be 3 years old by September 1, 2018.
Four Year Old Classes: Must be 4 by December 1, 2018.
Five Year Old Classes:   Must be 5 by January 1, 2018.
Criteria for Admission: Non-refundable $50.00 enrollment fee, Completed Health Appraisal Form, Up-to-date Immunization Record, Completed Child Information Card.

Parents of students with food allergies are to provide an Allergy Emergency Health Care Plan, medications (Epipen), and appropriate snack for their child to be kept at school (packaged individually and does not require refrigeration) to eat when birthday treats are off limits. 

Please keep your child home if they have had a fever, severe cough, runny nose with thick yellow/green discharge, diarrhea, pink eye, lice, sores on skin such as impetigo, scabies, or ringworm, contagious rashes or vomiting within the last 24 hours. Please call preschool (534-5465 ext. 114) if your child will be absent and the reason (i.e. respiratory vs stomach flu). We report all illnesses to the Kent County Health Department. We will include him/her in our daily prayer time.

Please send your child with a backpack able to fit 8.5 x 11” papers. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked on the backpack. Backpacks are used to send home artwork, notes, etc. Please let the staff know if you are sending in documents/checks in their backpacks. We do not check the insides of their backpacks.

Bathroom Needs:
Children are expected to care for their bathroom needs without assistance. Hand washing is required after bathroom use. Teachers may help with belts, snaps, etc.

Birthdays Celebrations & Snacks:
We will celebrate each child’s special day! You are welcome to provide a classroom treat to make this occasion even more exciting. Please check with your child’s teacher regarding food allergy information. Maple Tree is a peanut free facility. Please be sure birthday treats do not contain peanuts or peanut oil. All treats must be purchased.

Book Orders:
Scholastic book orders will come home throughout the year. Ordering through Scholastic is an inexpensive way to build your home library. Books make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and everywhere in between. For every dollar that is spent, we receive bonus points for the classroom. We then are able to purchase books or other items for the classroom. If ordering online, Maple Tree’s class code is P63H2. 

Maple Tree is divided into different exploratory areas. We use a clothespin system for the 4-yr-old and 5-yr-old classes. Students will choose a colored clothespin that matches the color of the center in which they want to play. Limiting the number of children in each area of the room, avoids overcrowding and allows for sufficient materials and the opportunity for constructive interactions, which reduces opportunities for negative behaviors.

Classroom Communication:
Monthly newsletters will be sent home with your child. A note will be posted daily with details on your child’s day. Each class has a closed Facebook Page. Teachers will post pictures daily. For volunteering, field trips, conferences, etc., we will be using Sign up Genie via email. Other forms of communication include phone calls, emails, Remind app, notes, and parent/teacher conferences.

You will receive a progress report about your child in December. Winter conferences are optional. Individual parent/teacher conferences will be held in March. Feel free to talk with your child’s teacher at any time regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

Our curriculum is made up of planned units of study. Studies of the ocean, birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects are some of the units which are especially enjoyed by students. Units are taught, not only to increase knowledge, but also to demonstrate God’s power and diversity in creation. We incorporate Zoo-phonics, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) and Teaching Young Children Using Themes. We expand our curriculum through the use of various math manipulatives. Art projects, show and tell, talking and listening, story time, exercises, music and finger plays complete our education focus.

Daily Schedule:
9:00-9:30/12:30-1:00      Arrive, Table Time (color/letter papers), Center Time

9:30-10:15/1:00-1:45      Circle Time: Days & Months, Patterns, Season/Weather, Letter Sound, Bible Story & Prayer, Story

10:00-10:15/1:45-2:00     Show & Tell (Mondays/Tuesday for 4’s & 5’s only) and Art (Wednesdays/Thursdays)

10:15-11:00/2:00-2:30     Switch Sides: Work with Letters, 3’s Rest, Center Time

11:00-11:15/2:30-2:45     Circle Time: Theme based Lesson

11:15-11:30/2:45-3:00     Switch Sides & Sing

*Schedule may vary

Staff will use developmentally appropriate, positive methods of discipline which encourage self-control, self-direction, self-esteem and cooperation. Teachers will set clear rules and guidelines, and fair and consistent limits for the children. Teachers will help children resolve conflict through individual attention. Teachers will remind children of rules and re-direct them to different activities. If a conflict cannot be resolved using the above steps, the child will have an individual quiet time at one of our tables. Every effort will be made to meet the needs of each child. If Maple Tree Preschool is not able to meet a child’s needs, the director will request placement of the child in a more beneficial program suited to the unique needs of the child.

Either at orientation or on the 1st Day of School, please bring your child’s Health Appraisal Form, Immunization Record, and fill out the  Emergency Health Care Plan. If your child has severe allergies, an Allergy Emergency Plan is required. Other items needed include the signed Maple Tree Preschool Parent/Guardian Contract, the Maple Tree Preschool Volunteer Supervision & Reporting Plan (if volunteering), the About My Child” form, and “My Name Is” form including child’s photo and family photo.

Dropping Off and Picking Up:
Children must be brought into the preschool by an adult. Please wait in the hallway until the door into the school is opened by the teacher. The exterior entrance doors will be unlocked from 8:55-9:10, 11:25, 12:25-12:40, and 2:55. To provide for a safe, stimulating environment to encourage your child’s learning, please drop off your child on time. If you arrive at any other time you must use the buzzer at the double glass doors on the north side. One of the office personnel will assist you.

Please have whoever is transporting your child fill out your preschooler’s arrival and departure time.

A child will only be released to persons listed on the Child Information Card. Please be sure to include the names of all such people when you fill out the card. You may ask to add or delete names any time during the year. If someone will be routinely picking up your child, please write the schedule for your teacher including their contact information.

Early Drop Off: Early drop off is available for the morning classes at 8:30 am. There is a daily fee of $2/day. The doors will be unlocked between 8:30-8:35. This must be prearranged with your child’s teacher. If early drop off is part of a normal routine, the fee may be included with tuition. If used occasionally, the fee must be paid on that day.

Late Fee: Please be on time to pick up your child from school. We realize that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances occur on occasion. A child who is picked up late can get anxious, and teachers need to be able to count on leaving their job promptly. Please call if you will be picking up your child late. There will not be a fee for the first violation unless the wait is extreme. You will be charged $1.00/minute beginning at 11:35 for morning classes and 3:05 for afternoon classes. After 10 minutes, you will be charged $2.00/minute. You may pay this fee when you pick up your child or it will be added to your next month’s tuition.

Field Trips:
Maple Tree Preschoolers will go on at least 3 field trips each year. Field trips are a creative way to enrich a theme and expand the learning environment. The 4 & 5-yr-old classes will go to Moelkers Orchards, the Grandville Fire Station and to John Ball Park Zoo. The 3-yr-old classes will only go on walking field trips which include walking to the Grandville Fire Station, the Grandville Library, and to Steensta’s Royal Dutch Bakery.

Parents must transport or arrange transportation for their child. Maple Tree will pay the student’s fee for the Apple Orchard. Parents are responsible to pay for zoo prior to the field trip unless they own a zoo membership. This will be prepaid so the parents and children may participate in a discounted group rate.

Keeping Information Updated:
For the safety of the child, it is critical that parents update all changes in telephone numbers, emergency numbers, addresses, authorized pickups and other important information.  Please notify Maple Tree as soon as possible if changes occur.  Changes must be made in writing.

Licensing Notebook:
Maple Tree’s Licensing Notebook is available for parents to view during school hours. It contains all the licensing inspections and special investigation reports and related corrective action plans (since May 28, 2010). Licensing inspections and special investigation reports from at least the past 2 years are available on the child care licensing website at www.michigan.gov/michildcare.

Notification Plan:
If a child becomes ill while at school (fever 100, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, unusual lethargy) parents will receive a phone call. The child will be separated from the other preschoolers and tended to by a staff member until a parent or emergency contact arrives. If a child cries continuously for 10 minutes, parents will be called, and the staff will follow the parent’s directive. In the event of a minor injury (scrape, small cut, bruise) parents will receive an “Ouch Report” upon pickup.  For major incidents (head injury, broken bone), parents will be notified immediately by telephone and will receive an “Incident Report.”  If a parent, guardian or emergency contact cannot be contacted and the child needs immediate attention, employees will call an ambulance, accompany the child to the hospital, and stay with the child until the parent arrives. FOR ALL SERIOUS INJURIES, 911 WILL BE CALLED.

Pest Management Plan:
Pesticide applications may occur during the year. If so, you will receive advanced notice of these applications through an email and a note sent home with your child.

We believe that children are an amazing part of God’s creation, and should be given every opportunity to develop to their fullest the various gifts God has given them.  Each child should consider his or her own unique significance in God’s world, and have a positive mental attitude toward himself/herself and others.  Maple Tree is committed to the wondrous task of introducing children to God’s world and cooperating with parents in the awesome process of growth and discovery.

Remind App:
Maple Tree Preschool will be using an app called Remind to relay information about important updates (Snow Days, etc.) and emergency situations. If you have a smart phone, open your web browser and go to the following link: rmd.at.a47hcg. If you do not have a smartphone, simply text @a47hcg to this number: 81010. To stop receiving text updates, simply text STOP to the same number.

Relocation Plan:
If the children need to be relocated due to a fire, other natural or man-made disasters, the preschoolers will be relocated to Grandville Public Library, 4055 Maple St. SW, Grandville, MI 49418. The staff will contact parents by the Remind app, phone calls, and/or texts.

Schedule of Operation:
Preschool begins the week of Labor Day and ends the week prior to Memorial Day. Morning classes meet from 9:00 am-11:30 am. Afternoon classes meet from 12:30 pm-3:00 pm. Preschool will be closed for Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Conferences held in March and Spring Vacation.

School Closings:
Please check the internet at either www.wzzm13.com or www.woodtv.com or check channel 13 or 8 on television to see if Maple Tree Preschool is closed due to inclement weather.

Show and Tell:
The 3-yr-old class does not have Show & Tell. The rest of the classes will have Show & Tell on Mondays and Tuesdays alternating weeks between boys and girls. Show & Tell themes will be included in the monthly newsletters.

Maple Tree Preschool teachers have Bachelor degrees in Education and have been certified by the State of Michigan. All staff is certified in CPR and First Aid. The staff takes at least 16 hours of professional development every year. The staff has been selected for both their nurturing character and for their dedication to Jesus Christ. Each staff member has read and signed a statement verifying that she has never been involved in any abuse or neglect of children. Each staff member has had a comprehensive FBI background check. Staff members are mandated reporters of suspected abuse and neglect.

Teachers: Ingrid Anderson, Jodi Johnson, and Cindi Thompson (Director)

Teacher Aides: Joelle Smith, Kim Steenbergen, and Amy Wiersma

Programs Offered:

Crickets 4-yr-olds (T/Th am): Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Smith

Eager Beavers 3-yr-olds (M/W pm): Mrs. Anderson & Miss Kim

Explorers Young Fives (M-Th am): Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Wiersma

Fireflies 4-yr-olds (M/W pm): Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Smith

Scrambled Eggs 4’s & 5’s (F am): Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Smith

Wiggle Worms 4-yr-olds (M/W am): Mrs. Anderson & Miss Kim

*All classes and staff are contingent on enrollment numbers and are subject to change.

Tuition Fees for 2018/2019:
A non-refundable $50.00 registration fee is required. Tuition may be paid monthly, by semester, or yearly. Acceptable payments include cash, checks or payments made online. Yearly tuition fees are as follows-2 days: $792, 3 days: $1125, 4 days: $1,476, 5 days: $1,782. Additional fees include admission to John Ball Park Zoo. The first payment is due the first week of school. Remaining payments are due the 1st of every month if paying monthly. If paying by semester, the second semester payment is due on January 19.  Reminders will be emailed, posted in the hallway and in the newsletter. You will not receive a monthly bill.

Parent volunteers will always be under the direct observation of preschool staff. Parent volunteers will not be alone with a child. Parent volunteers will not help a child use the bathroom. Volunteers are mandated reporters of suspected abuse and neglect. Classroom volunteers must fill out and sign the Volunteer Supervision and Reporting Plan and will have a background check conducted.

Withdrawal Policy:
Every effort will be made to meet the needs of each child. In the event that Maple Tree Preschool is not able to meet a child’s needs, the director will request placement of the child in a more beneficial program suited to the unique needs of the child. Reasons for dismissal include excessive biting or aggressiveness and non-payment of fees. If tuition payments become delinquent and remain so after the parents have been notified more than one time, the parents may be asked to withdraw their child from the program. If it becomes necessary for you to withdraw you child from preschool, a written notice must be turned in two weeks in advance. If a two-week notice is not provided, the parent is responsible for the additional two weeks of tuition.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cindi Thompson at (616) 534-5469 extension 114 or mapletreepreschool1979@gmail.com. During school hours, she will contact you in the afternoon as soon as her teaching hours are completed.